During the era of struggle, every student has to pass through many difficulties and the financial difficulty is one of them. To cope up with this difficulty, most of the students tend to do part-time jobs. But due to the part-time job most of the students tend to lose their most precious moments and are not able to dedicate proper time to their studies. This mostly happens if the job place and educational institute are located at a great distance from your home. Traveling to study far away place to gain education and then traveling to another distanced place to fulfill the responsibility of the job is a very tiring task. But this issue can be resolved if you find an apartment that is located near the commercial area. Most of the students are not able to find suitable apartments in the commercial area of the apartments located in or near these areas are quite expensive.

If you are a  student seeking for such apartment at an affordable rate, then take a look at these apartments, and you will end your search right here. Located in the commercial area of the city, these apartments are available at very affordable rent. Possessing every required facility, these apartments have been designed to provide quality accommodation to all those students who are not able to bear expensive accommodation. The surrounding areas of these apartments are also very attractive because they are extremely clean and full of lush green trees. If you are thinking about the availability of the public transport then feel free because public buses and subway train can easily be accessed while residing in these apartments. The bus point is located only a few steps away while the subway station is located only half a mile away.

These apartments are available with the facility of two bedrooms or studio format. Most of the students tend to rent the apartment with two bedrooms and share it with other students, but there are also some students who love to lead an independent life, so they rent the entire studio apartment for themselves. These apartments also contain a living area, kitchen, attached bath, terrace, dining room, store, and closets. The interior decorations of these apartments have been done in a very decent and sober manner.

The studio apartments contain one bed, small sized kitchen, and a small sized bathroom. The features available in studio apartment are enough to provide a comfortable life for a single person. The living room is vast enough to play the part of a study apart from being a living room. The bathrooms are equipped with an attractive sink, small sized tub, toilet seat, hot and cold shower and plastic curtains. If you find it hard to cook due to the hectic routine, then you are in for a treat because the small kitchen of these apartments is equipped with a small stove, microwave oven, and a small-sized fridge. Various restaurants are also located in the nearby area so you can also order a pizza or any other fast food item if you feel hungry while studying.

Finding a place to reside in Hartford is one of the most important things that students who are going to college face. Often residing on campus tends to be very costly; therefore most students prefer living in apartments. This article aims to tell you what you should you consider when picking out apartments hartford ct.

Close to campus:

It is a good idea to look for apartments that are located near to your campus. This is so that you can reduce transport costs that you will incur if your apartment is located far from your campus. If your apartment is located further away from the campus, then you will also waste time traveling, time that could be spent studying. You might also have to wake up early so as to reach for your eight o’clock class. This will then make you feel irritable and tired the whole day. If your apartment is located close to the campus, you can also relaxingly go back to your residence to rest when you have some lengthy breaks between classes. When your apartment is far away, then you will have to roam around campus during breaks.

You will feel tired when you finally go home and will not be able to study. If you forget something you can quickly drop into your apartment to fetch it, if it is close to your campus.


No doubt this is a vital point to consider when looking for an apartment. You need to be fully sure that it is in a secure location. You do not want to be attacked at night as you are coming from a tiring day. It is no use to pick an apartment that has cheap rent only to be living in constant fear of being robbed as well as attacked because the area where you apartment is, is unsafe. You should not have to be waste your precious time worrying about your safety and living under constant threat. What is the use to save the cash that might get stolen by someone robbing your apartment? You should not be worrying while you are sitting in class about whether your belongings are safe in your apartment.

Close to a Store:

It is a good idea to find an apartment that is located close to a market where you can also walk to. This is so that you always know that you do not need to worry about having less food as well as other products that are essential like shampoo, soap. You will know that you can quickly stop by at the store located in your apartment. This will also save you from wasting time going to a distant location just to purchase groceries or stationary. A small restaurant close by will be a blessing especially when you are too tired to cook and to feel extremely hungry. A drug store close by will also be beneficial as when you are feeling sick you can quickly purchase the medicines to make you better.

It is vital to thoroughly inspect the apartment before agreeing to stay in it. This is because you do not want to waste your time stressing over mundane things, like constantly blocked sink, tub, etc.

An apartment is self-sufficient house that occupies only a part of a building. As far as the term apartment is concerned it was introduced by Americans in late nineteenth century. Living a life in an Apartment is a unique and a matchless experience. If you are already living in a house, and you are thinking to shift in an apartment, believe you me you will find it different in many ways.

If you are searching for an apartment, let me tell you few things that will help you in finding a great place to live for the rest of your life. The very first step of finding a marvelous place that also in your credit limits is that you should make a list of all the important features that you kept in mind are necessary for your new home. Then you must make few adjustments in your list that what each features worth for you to adjust the cost of the apartment at the end.

Apartments are of different sizes and different properties. It’s up to you that you go for which one. There are the apartments of one bedroom, two bedrooms or many different features. Now if we take a look at American lifestyle more than 80% of American’s are living in apartments. Apartments always offer you a convenient, reputable, safe and a great place to live.

Apartments are always built at the safest place of town or cities. They are always kept closer to grocery stores or commercial area, supermarkets, schools, colleges, and hospitals, etc. along with the parking space available in the same building for the convenience of customers.

It is a fact that having owned house is the dream of every person. While keeping in vies the today’s hectic life routine many people prefer to live in a small apartment rather than living in a big house. Those days are gone now when it buying a house at a sensible price was an easy task, but nowadays property prices are touching the sky. So when so ever you decide to buy or rent, choice of an apartment is more effective than a house.

More of the apartment complexes own a good security system for residents of a building. Also, record of in and out of all the personnel and vehicles is maintained along with security appliances to avoid any unforeseen situations. While living in a house, you can’t afford such security system. Also, the apartments own many conveniences including gym, swimming pool, and a laundry system that helps you to save money over a long period also saves your time on traveling.

Apartment complexes are normally built at the places where they are closer to travel routes. Typically you will find easy access to subway, highway, and bus and railway station to travel to any part of the city very easily. The main point is apartment builders always put on their utmost efforts to provide all the basic needs to residents like electricity, hot and cold waters, and infrastructure according to the weather variations, and they ensure they are taken good care of. If you are going to buy or rent, I will suggest you go for an apartment instead of the house. It will give you a peaceable living with less workload.

Safety and security are a significant matter that emerges over the span of picking an apartment to live in. It’s difficult to gauge the safety and security of an apartment until you have entirely there. Additionally troublesome is the point at which you are totally new to the way of neighborhoods and apartment buildings as you are new to the city. Here are some helpful tips for assuring that your apartment is safe and secure.

The primary thing to do in such manner is to avoid the first floor of the apartment building. You without a doubt would prefer not to get an apartment on the first floor as it simple to break in, and looters/criminals can undoubtedly escape quickly. Take a stab at getting an apartment on higher floors as it lessens the dangers of somebody softening up. On the off chance that you have an in number budget, it is prescribed to get a tall structure apartment.

Security system of the apartment building

Normally individuals tend to discover an apartment building safe and secure on the off chance that it has a wall around it and a code lock section system. Simply stick around a while longer and watch that if practically anybody can get in while tucking along a building occupant. That is not safe.

Check for proficient lighting:

Verify you’re the apartment building has a great lighting system and there are not very many or no dull spots. Extraordinarily, the parking garage, pantry, stairways, and walk-ups ought to have lights and, in addition, generator backup system so that they never go dull.

Hallway and corridors

A safe apartment building does not so much imply that your apartment is likewise safe and secure. There are different components that you have to check in such manner to verify that your apartment has suitable safety measures. Verify that the way to your apartment is an extreme and thick one. Watch the nature of entryway bolts and make certain that your entryway has a peephole. Also, go to the apartment whose windows must be opened from within. These measures chop down the danger of being broken into, to very much a degree.

Do as much as you can, yet don’t simply stay constrained to the tips above. The best approach to figuring out whether your apartment and apartment building are safe and secure is to converse with different occupants living in the building. They have had the experience and no one, but they can clarify the best. Take notes if the administration is by all accounts steady and dependable. Inquire as to whether you get the services of standard mind your apartment and mail on the off chance that you must be away for a significant time (likely out of the city). Ultimately, you ought to converse with the important security dept. Of the nearby police to experience a measurable investigation of crime rate in your coveted neighborhood.